Duesseldorf from all sides ...

by double-decker bus, bike or even Segway.

To ensure that your guests are well accompanied wherever they go, our Duesseldorf tours are always guided by professional city guides. There are not just guided tours on foot on the program, but also by bus, bike, boat, or - if you want something fancier - even by Segway. Of course, we set the theme focus to your liking, such as "history", or "modern city life".

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City tours

Duesseldorf from all sides ...

experience and enjoy.

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Fashion jewel Duesseldorf

Shop until you drop ...

in Duesseldorf, shopping hearts beat faster!

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Rhine Ruhr

The Rhine Ruhr metropolitan region...

experience the vibrant group of cities in the heart of Europe!

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Your team event in Duesseldorf ...

personalised, motivating and inspiring!

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