Seductive aromas, appetising sights...

Just take a seat and enjoy!

Duesseldorf's gastronomic pleasures are many and varied. There are hundreds of cosy pubs, restaurants and other venues, all in a small area – and quite a few of them are among the best in Germany. The cuisine is influenced not only by Rhenish culture - Duesseldorf offers international gastronomic standards for gourmets and connoisseurs.

Enjoy a traditional, cool Altbier at the "longest bar in the world", or dine at one of the city’s numerous excellent restaurants, bars and pubs. You can also experience the wide range of Far Eastern cuisines that have been particularly enjoyed in Duesseldorf for many years. Whether for dinner in the historic old town ambience, breakfast at the waterfront promenade, or cocktails overlooking the Duesseldorf skyline - our event managers are happy to help!

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Come in ...

and discover the wealth that provides the capital.

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Appetizing sights ...

Just take a seat and enjoy!

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Exceptional events in unusual places!

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We create events in unusual places and ensure a smooth process.

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